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Our Services

Exterior Body Wash

We will wash your car thoroughly with shampoo and other cleaning materials to make sure that your car keeps shining brightly

Interior Dusting

We make sure that all your interiors are properly dusted once a week to keep your car neat and tidy from inside

Interior Mat Cleaning

We will clean your indoor mats once a week by making sure there is no dirt on the car floor mats

Why Us?

We Are The Champions When It Comes To Daily Car Cleaning.

Why should you choose us above your local car cleaners?

Kar Kleaners

Local cleaning

Highly skilled labors with training and practice provided

Done by Watchman or sweepers who do not know the techniques of car cleaning

Systematic process followed

Done in a hap hazard way and is highly unorganized in nature.

Hi- Tech foreign style sophisticated tools, techniques and equipment's used

Only water and cloth used

Sprinkler method/Sensible water usage for every car.

Same bucket of water used for multiple cars that cause damage to your car body and paint

All products used are car and eco-friendly that help in maintaining your car’s life longer

Dirty water used causes damage to your car

Terms & Conditions

1) We are a professional daily car cleaning company that believe in providing Hi—tech modern cleaning to your car.
2) We have designated our car cleaners as, “Car Care Takers - CCT”. They will ensure that they take care of your car to fullest and keep your beloved car shining daily. We have trained them to be courteous with you in any dealing if they have to. Request you to treat them with same amount of respect.
3) CCT will carry equipments to clean your car daily. You will need to allow them to enter your building premises with these equipments.
4) Water will be sourced from your building. Your building watchman or care taker of your building/ society will need to guide us once from where to take the water. This will be one time activity for you.
5) Our CCTs are professional in car cleaning only. They do not know driving or any mechanical parts in the car. Please refrain from requesting them to move, park your car or sort out any technical issues with your car. Kar Kleaners will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising due to this.
6) Every CCT will carry an ID card with him. Do not let anyone inside your building premise unless they have a valid ID of Kar Kleaners/ ICare Services. Kar Kleaners will not be responsible for any negligence on your part.
7) Do not keep any valuables in the car. CCT will not disturb anything that is lying in your car; however it is always better to be cautious and keep your belongings safe. Kar Kleaners will not be responsible for any loss, theft or damage.
8) Kar Kleaners will not be responsible for any loss or damage due to scratch, dent, car body color or any other damage to your exterior or interior of the car.
9) The car cleaning techniques used are modern, Hi- Tech and sophisticated. All products used are car and eco-friendly. You are always welcome for a chat and cup of coffee at our office.
10) Please make your payment before 5th of the month for the services rendered by us in the prior month.
11) You will need to pay us full month’s charges, in case you choose to discontinue our services mid-month. Please inform us by 20th of the month of any changes/amendments or discontinuation.
12) Please do not pay any advance to CCT. Kar Kleaners do not take any advance or part payments mid-month.
13) Kar Kleaners reserve the right to terminate or discontinue the service at its discretion without any prior notice.
14) Any dissatisfaction or complaint needs to be informed in office only during our office time.
15) Finally, if you like our service, talk to your neighbors about us.

Franchisee & Associate Partners

We are looking for Franchisee partners across Mumbai. You can be a part of this very unique Low investment - High Returns concept and earn lakhs in months. To be a franchisee of Kar Kleaners you do not need any fancy office or big office space. You can start operating from a small table space office at your convenience. You do not need any Education qualification to be our business franchisee. All you need is hard work and dedication. Come be a part of Kar Kleaners family.

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