About us

We are India's Pioneers in daily car cleaning. Started in 2016, our basic motive is to turn the biggest neglected and unorganized daily car-cleaning industry into an organized one. In metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore etc, car owners generally hire a local servant for getting their cars cleaned on daily basis. Daily car cleaning by such local servants is done in a hap-hazardous manner. We at Kar Kleaners provide professional daily car-cleaning service at your doorstep with trained personnel and the use of modern tools and techniques offering our services at a reasonable rate.  Our motive is to do justice to daily car cleaning in India and while we do that we want to be "An Employer of choice" for unskilled and uneducated labor by creating simple job opportunities for them that will help them live a good life.  

Our Mission

We work constantly to make 'car care' hassle-free whilst striving to make the world a better place to live in.

Our Vision

To be a one stop shop for all your automobile needs.

Core ethics

We are firm believers of ethics and values and in build them in all walks of our business.

Undivided Hierarchy

We don't just preach equality, we live by it. At Kar Kleaner's there is just one designation for all and that's Car Care Taker. We are a Single Designation Company.

Zero Ego

Kar Kleaners wash their egos while washing the cars every day. We see every minute task as a means of delivering excellency. We are a Zero Ego Company.

No Smoking

As we said, we are the conservationists and there is no way we treat Mother Nature with smoke and cancer. Our Car Care Takers do not smoke while at work.

No "touching"

We strictly follow the policy of "Don't touch what you don't own".