About Us

About Us

KarKleaners are the pioneers that made car cleaning fashionable, sleek and easy. Our door-to-door car cleaning services are lauded by the distressed masses of the urban pads. Our belief in a better world, in better cars and in the extra mile service has synchronized with the proud automobile owners and together we drive innovation and art in the science of car cleaning.

Revolutionizing the very concept of automobile care, doing things the way they are actually meant to be done, we not just deduct the filth but add years to your cars. We provide on-schedule, on-demand and tailor-made subscriptions on car cleaning services at your place on your time. Our exceptional service and unmatched commitment go hand in hand with our ceaseless endeavour for eco-friendly conduits.

Our Mission

We work untiringly to make ‘car care’ hassle-free whilst striving to make the world a better place to live in.

Our Vision

We are gliding towards becoming an all-inclusive destination for the entire gamut of automobile needs. A place for you to come, find and discover a whole new world of caressing your adored ally on wheels.

Core ethics

We are the staunch believers of ethics and values and affix them as the fore-wheels of our business.

Undivided Hierarchy

We don’t just preach equality, we live by it. At KarKleaner’s there is just one designation for all and that’s Car Care Taker.

Zero Ego

KarKleaners wash their egos while washing the cars every day. We see every minute task as a means of delivering excellency.

No Smoking/Tobacco

As we said, we are the conservationists and there is no way we treat Mother Nature with smoke and cancer.

No “touching”

We strictly follow the policy of “Don’t touch what you don’t own”.