How does the KarKleaners ensure the safety and security of my car?
We have a very stringent policy when it comes to safety. All our KarKleaner members are thoroughly checked for background verification. We issue a proper uniform and ID card to maintain the authenticity of our family. We have successfully maintained a zero theft and zero damage record to date.
Can I enrol for more than 1 car?
Yes, we offer complete family packages including 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers. Check out our exciting offers right now.
How do you deal with absenteeism?
The best thing about Karkleaners is that you don’t have to go through the pain of uncalled absenteeism. You will always have a KarKleaner caretaker at your doorstep at your service.
Can I quit the service?
Though we guarantee you won’t feel like quitting the luxury but yes there is a way out for you to stop the service at any point you desire to do so.
What are the products that you would be using?
All our products are completely tested and verified for no harm no damage. The products are eco-friendly and free from hazardous materials. Our equipments are lightweight and portable that enables our staff to carry it comfortably.
Do I need to supervise?
Absolutely not! You can use your precious time doing better things and let the KarKleaners surprise you with their exceptional hacks.