Our Story

Scratching heads

They say an entrepreneur see opportunity in every obstruction. Devang didn’t realize this until he grumbled about the pathetic car cleaning service in his vicinity for almost a year. Some days it would be a scratch, some days a hazy glass, for the other days it was mostly about the specks of dust, missing pennies, fading paint and uncalled absenteeism.

Brewing an idea

The enthusiast could take it no more. He fired the guy and took the mop in his own hands, just to realize that cleaning a car is no child’s play. This ignited the spark to find a solution to the pain of witnessing his ‘first sight love’ die a slow death. To see the sanity of his idea he conducted a survey that amused him revealing 73% of car owners desire for better care for their cars.

Facts before whacks

The euphoria of a new idea triggered an adrenaline rush boggling his mind with endless possibilities. Mr. Devang was thrilled but he also acknowledges that ships don’t sail on dreams. With sleepless nights and endless days immersed in research, surveys, analysis and studies, he finally took the pen and paper to sketch his roadmap. His stint in the research lab unveiled the dirty laundry, unorganized players and their filthy game of monopoly. Devang saw the potential of this untapped horizon, the demand and desire among customers and the huge gap for a start-up to thrive.


Leaving behind a good six-digit salary and a fancy life to walk down the streets washing cars; sounded more like insanity than fantasy. Calming down the gale of his mind, Devang had to lend an ear to the qualms of society and demurral of his family. But, it was his craze for entrepreneurship, a secret desire to rise above the clutches of corporate slavery and his passion to pursue a purpose, kept him moving through the dark tunnels on the road. Things were not perfect, they were never meant to be perfect, but it’s the strength of persistence that kept him rolling.

The ‘first’

We never forget our ‘first’; first love, first car, first drive or first customer.

It was the dusk of 2016, when he met his ‘first customer’ - a sober UBER driver. UBER has a cleanliness rating for all its drives. The customer’s ratings were drowning in dirt, exposing the armature work of the reckless car laundry boy. He was agitated as it was not just a four-wheeler asset for him but his switch for bread and butter. He reached out to KarKleaners much in distress to opt for something better, something exceptional.

Clouds and Rains

Life never fails to challenge our grit in ways unfathomable. Just when he stepped ahead dropping the ball and chains of the naysayers, he was hit by the mother of all stresses – ‘The Financial Crunch’.

Running across roads, 4 am in the dusk he was literally cleaning cars all by himself. Surviving on the scrimp meals he passed days hoping for sunshine. But the storm had just begun. Demonetization whopped hard, investors backed out and the ship was sinking even before a sail.

The Sunshine

As they say, success comes when you hold on even when there are a thousand reasons to give up!

The storms passed, wreckage paused, and it was finally time for some sunshine. With the market stabilising and KarKleaners garnering its destined hype investors started plugging in and the actions started to speed up. KarKleaners have successfully set its first sail serving many distressed car owners with an exceptional delivery of spectacular services.

The road ahead

The path is paved for Karkleaners to glide towards innovation and invention. Cementing brick and rocks, KarKleaners is building an empire expanding its operations across the cities and towns. With its line of franchises open for the dedicated entrepreneurs KarKleaner would soon make it to every nook and crannies of the country. With its app down the sleeves, it is securing its crown for ‘India’s first app based daily car cleaning service providers’. Also, brace to see KarKleaners tapping into many unchartered territories of Luxury Car Services.