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KarKleaners offers you much more than mopping and wiping! Explore the whole world of car spa range and experience the difference in every ride.

Residential Car Cleaning

Ditch the traffic and cut the long queues as you can get your car washed while switching the channels of your LED sitting in your pyjamas on that cosy sofa of your hallway. Feel like a boss as an army of professionals spell their magic on every bit of your car. Enjoy the fantastic service and drive a spotless car, every day every time.

5 easy steps to get onboard

  • Get the phone and give us a ring!!!
  • Register your service and address with us.
  • Schedule a visit with the KarKleaners Fam.
  • Check out the awesome deals and fetch what suits you best.
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy the sight of your dirty car getting all washed!!!

Daily Car Shine

  • Water Wash
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Sprinkler Technology Car Wash
  • Wheels and Rims
  • Windows Cleaning

Weekly Interior Wash

  • Interior Seat Dusting
  • Interior Mat Cleaning
  • Dashboard Dusting
  • Interior Sanitising
  • Intensive Internal Cleaning

Complete Dry Cleaning

  • Seats, roof, mats and boot
  • Door and windows cleaning.
  • Total hygiene and spotless shine.