Why KarKleaners?

Why KarKleaners?

KarKleaners is a group of thinkers, challengers and philosophers who see things with a rare frame of spectacles. We are the car aficionados, the nature zealots and environment conservationists out on the roads not just to clean every speck of dust on your car but to spin the wheel of innovation, guard mother earth and make cleanliness a way of life. Our trained professionals equipped with the state-of-the-art gadgets ensure impeccable hygiene, on-time service and an art of work that exceeds your expectations every time.


It’s not a simple wash it’s complete kar kleaning!!! From the vents to the seats, floor to door we ensure that every last millimetre gets thoroughly cleaned. Our elaborate checklist encompasses sanitizing, deodorizing, polishing and much more.


KarKleaners ardently follow a systematic car cleaning process that has every possible loop covered. The organized flow of work makes it an easy and swift affair with your car.


Adios to mops and buckets of filthy water, Kar Kleaners brings in the latest technology and quality approved products that clean your car with utmost care. All our products conform to the highest standards and eco-friendly measures.


With KarKleaners at your service, you immediately tick off the hazards of uncalled absenteeism, unprofessional attitude, armature handiwork or a job done half-heartedly. Our KarKleaners come with continuous training and complete background verification.


We understand your concerns in trusting a stranger with your car. That’s why we have implemented sturdy background verification and compulsory uniform and ID card checks. Plus, all our employees are checked at entry and exit of your building.